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The Windsurfer UP - This above ground pool features a non-corrosive acid rain resistant crystex coated steel frame with ultraviolet inhibitors. The perfect fit for your backyard for endless years of entertainment and enjoyment  

The model comes with a 35 year limited warranty, best part is the first 3 years is no charge. Plus it comes with a Utility Panel that is 30% thicker then your pool wall to help prolong its life.

The Windsurfer above ground swimming pool comes with the frame for the actual pool itself and a solid blue liner. The pricing showed does not include installation.

But can easily be upgraded to a full package that gets you ready to go right away.

This pool is offered in three variations Round, Buttress Oval, &  Non Buttress Oval. Please select your shape and size from the drop down menu options.

Optional Package Includes:

  • A-Frame Ladder (48" - 52")
  • Wide Mouth Wall Skimmer with Support & Return
  • Basic Accessories Kit:
    • Vacuum Head
    • Leaf Skimmer
    • Test Kit
    • Chlorine Dispenser
    • 1.5" x 30 Extruded Hose & Clamps
  • Black Diamond Cartridge Filter with 1HP Pump & Motor. (Please see below for more details regarding the size of the cartridge system you will be receiving) 
    • 90 Sq. Ft Filter system comes with the following sizes:
      • 12 Round
      • 15 Round
      • 18 Round
      • 18x12 Oval Non Buttress
    • 120 Sq Ft Filter System comes with the following sizes:
      • 21 Round
      • 24 Round
      • 24x12 Oval
      • 24x15 Oval
      • 30x15 Oval
    • 150 Sq Ft filter system comes with the following sizes:
      • 27 Round
      • 30 Round
      • 33 Round
      • 33x18 Oval


Height 52"
Wall Pattern Gray Windsail
Wall 2pc Posi-Lock w/Utility Panel
Ledge 8" Crystex
Vertical 6" Boxed Crystex
Top Rail 1" Painted Crystex
Bottom Rail 1" Resin
Cover 8" Molded Resin
Top Plates Painted Crystex
Bottom Plates Resin
Wall Closure Recessed Posi-Lock
Galvanization G-115
Hardware Stainless Steel
Liner Over the wall bottom print

35 Year Limited Warranty