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The Wanda Vac is the ideal cleaning tool for small pools, spas or spot cleaning in larger pools. It is easy to use, there is no set-up, just grab it and start vacuuming! The battery-operated pump creates a strong suction which picks up stones, leaves, sand, dirt and other debris. There are no messy hoses or electrical cords. An aluminum, telescoping handle is included which can be adjusted to different lengths for multiple cleaning applications. The long lasting, stainless steel filter is easy to clean and the clear sleeve shows "at a glance" if the filter is full. Requires 8 AA batteries (not included).

  • Battery-powered pump creates suction, no need for messy hoses or electrical cords
  • Aluminum telescoping handle with ergonomic grip and locking mechanism reaches up to 6.25 ft. when fully extended
  • Wanda Vac is easy to clean, long lasting stainless steel filter with see-through sleeve to check when full
  • Requires 8 AA batteries (not included)