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The Kokido V-Trap Pool Vacuum System is a unique pool vacuum system designed specifically for cleaning soft 15ft to 18ft round or rectangular. Debris is collected by a pre-filter cage, visible through the transparent body of the V-Trap, instead of sending it to the pool filter. This avoids clogging of small cartridge filters, and reduces the need for backwash of sand filters.The V-Traps weighted head and spring loaded handle maintain good surface contact, while its dual swivel handle and hose connection ensure maneuverability into any corner of the pool. The underside spiral ridges create a vortex to increase vacuuming efficiency while underside brushes remove dirt from the pool floor. Soft corner bumpers around the head protect pool liners.


  • Kokido V-Trap Pool Vacuum System Weighted head and spring loaded handle help maintain good surface contact with Dual swivels on handle and hose connection avoid twisting of hose
  • Underside spiral ridges create a vortex increasing vacuuming efficiency
  • Underside brushes for better removal of dirt & debris from the pool floor
  • Internal pre-filter catches debris before it reaches your cartridge filter
  • Transparent head to see when full
  • Soft corner bumpers protect pool liners
  • Recommended for: Medium Above Ground Pools 15 to 18 Min.
  • Flow Rate: 1,000gal/hr & Min. Pump Power: 85W
  • 20 of 1.25" diameter flexible vacuum hose
  • Heavy duty telescopic pole in 3 sections of 100cm / 3 ft
  • Deep net plastic leaf rake- 25cm / 10" plastic wall brush
  • Connectors compatible with most leading soft wall pool brands on the market