The Sea Squirts FINtastic Life Jacket from SwimWays combines safety and style - its a life jacket kids actually want to wear! This U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type III Personal Flotation Device has secure buckles and straps to keep the life vest in place. Buoyancy technology allows for successful balance of your childs center of gravity, giving them greater control and stability when swimming. The flexible back fin on this kids life jacket naturally folds flat so children can sit comfortably. Soft fabric liner and cover in bright colors kids love.


Fits children weighing 30-50 pounds.

Important Information About PFDs: Please read the U.S. Coast Guards PFD Selection, Use, Wear and Care guide before purchasing and using any PFD: http://www.uscg.mil/hq/cg5/cg5214/pfdselection.asp