This Electric bicycle makes it easy and fun to enjoy riding a Bike again. You can adjust the motor to whatever assistance in pedaling you may need. Its a healthy way to get fit and enjoy the freedom and economy of riding a bike again. Tired of pedaling? Simply utilize the throttle found on the right handle and let the bike move itself.

The powerful 48v 8Ah battery will provide the get up and go youre looking for. It will give more than enough power and range, and is an affordable option.

We have seen many reports of other lines stating that they can travel up to 70 miles on one charge and this is true in a straight linear route with no hills. Based on the data we compiled and the average terrain in our market that most tend to travel we provide you with the average range based on a more real life scenario.


Wheel 26" x 3.75"
Frame Aluminum
Brakes Disc
Motor 500 W Motor (Rear Hub)
Battery 48v 8Ah li-ion
Lights Front LED
Display/Controller LCD
Charger 110V-240V (4-6 Full Charge)
Approx. Range avg 30 Miles
Drive Mode Grip Throttle & Pedal Assist
Derailleur Shimano Tourney 7 Speed

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