This elegantly designed 4-Step staircase is for above ground pools and provides appealing aspects to onlookers. The beige staircase with gray treads owns a unique design with curved stairs that can be assembled to curve in or out depending on the swimmers preference. This base staircase has the ability to attach to an extra unit that extends the staircase for a wider body and a graceful in then out curve. The handrails are perfectly sloped to include style and comfort ability. The base pads on this stair-set are adjustable to fit any pool floor.
Weight limit ÃڬŜ 400 lbs.
Tread width ÃڬŜ 27�
Tread depth ÃڬŜ 10�
Riser height ÃڬŜ 11�
Unit depth ÃڬŜ 32�
Handrail height (from top step) ÃڬŜ 30�
Height to top tread ÃڬŜ In ground 36� ÃڬŜ Above ground 47�
Mounting bracket length ÃڬŜ 24�
Overall outside width ÃڬŜ 38�
Complete Curve System width ÃڬŜ 58�