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Chlorine Stabilizer and conditioner helps keep the chlorine levels in your pool last longer at the appropriate levels 1-3 Parts Per Million (PPM). In the heat of the summer the sun and other elements will actually reduce the chlorine levels all together, causing your pool to turn different shades of green and increasing your out of pocket expense to purchase more sanitizing chemicals. By adding the Chlorine Stabilizer and Conditioner to your pool this will help slow the chlorine reduction process. It is recomended that you keep the chlorine stabilizer and conditioner at 30-50 PPM most pool water testing kits will tell you what level your water is currently at and help you understand the amount of stabilizer you need to put in your pool.

Please note for 5,000 gallons of water you will need to use 24 ounces of chlorine stabilizer. This is equivilent to 35 PPM

The image being shown is not the actual size of the container that is being sold. Please read the discription above for the exact item size

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