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The submission process ended August 11, 2018.


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  • 1st Prize:$250 Gift Card 1 Winner
  • 2nd Prize:$100 Gift Card 4 Winners
  • 3rd Prize:$50 Gift Card 10 Winners


Photos will be judged on quality and overall creativity of your pool setup & landscaping. Take your time when taking the picture(s). Well composed photos of your swimming pool will go a long way. Be sure that at least one photo has the entire pool in frame with room to spare on all sides. See more photography tips.


  • Photo(s) must include your At Home Recreation swimming pool.
  • Photos must be horizontally oriented. (i.e. landscape)
  • No photo filters please.
  • In order to be eligible, photos must be submitted using the online form (Emailed or photos posted to our any of our social media accounts will not be accepted.)
  • While the form only accepts one image at a time you may upload as many as you want; within reason.
  • Acceptable image formats are JPG, JPEG & TIFF. No BMP, GIFs or live photos.

Photography Tips

  • Good

  • Better

  • Best

  • Clean the lens. It seems inconsequential, but as your phone is always in your pocket or purse and is usually dusty or dirty.
  • Avoid mid-day sunlight. It can wash sky and create harsh, unattractive shadows. Wait for the “magic hour,” the hour surrounding sunrise and sunset; the sky is colorful enough for even a camera phone to capture land and sky with fairly good exposure. Also an overcast sky can help create a soft light.
  • Good composition is key to making your photo eye-catching. Try using the rule of thirds. When composing a picture, imagine two horizontal lines and two vertical lines crossing like a tic-tac-toe grid on top of it. Place strong lines and divisions like the horizon on the gridlines and let elements of interest fall on the intersections.
  • Don’t just take one shot and hope for the best. The chances of getting a good photo with your first shot are very slim. Take shots from various angles and distances, like low down and up high instead of just straight on.
  • Try shooting a panorama to capture the whole scene.
  • Zoom with your feet not your camera. The zoom feature on phones lose quality the more you zoom in. You’ll capture the highest quality image not using the zoom feature.
  • Watch Out For Distracting Backgrounds. If you have a cluttered background or distracting elements in your photos it can draw attention away from your intended subject. Try moving to the left or the right to see if that helps.

Disclaimer: Upon submission copyright of the photo transfers to At Home Recreation, LLC for marketing and any and all promotional uses, both online and in print. All gift cards will be issued by At Home Recreation and can be used towards any purchase at any of our four superstores. They do not expire and cannot be used online.