Enjoy the pleasure of floating away from your stress or pushing yourself to do one more lap in your own backyard. The Black Rock offered in round configurations fits easily into almost any backyard. Constructed of high-quality materials and a 30-year limited warranty.

The Black Rock above-ground swimming pool comes with the actual frame of the pool and a solid blueliner. Plus a 30 Year Prorated Warranty with the first 5 years at no charge.

But can easily be upgraded to a full package that gets you ready to go right away.

Options Package Includes:

  • A-Frame Ladder (48" - 52")
  • Wide Mouth Wall Skimmer with Support
  • Basic Accessories Kit:
    • Vacuum Head
    • Leaf Skimmer
    • Test Kit
    • Chlorine Dispenser
    • 1.5" x 30 Extruded Hose & Clamps
  •  90 Sq. ft. Cartridge Filter with 1 HP Pump & Motor.


Height 52"
Wall Pattern Black Rock
Wall 1 pc
Ledge 6.5" Resin
Vertical Deluxe Contoured Resin
Top Rail Deluxe Resin
Bottom Rail Deluxe Resin
Cover Molded Resin
Top Plates Resin
Bottom Plates Resin
Wall Closure Single Bar
Hardware Stainless Steel
Liner Over the wall bottom print
Warranty 30-year pro-rated

Safety Suggestions

  • DO NOT set up your swimming pool near existing structures that would encourage diving or jumping.
  • Strict caution should be maintained in the use of pool and pool equipment, particularly when children and minors are involved.
  • The pool and filter should be grounded with a ground fault interrupter. Please check your local electrical code requirements.
  • Secure unattended pools by covering and/or removing access ladders
  • Shut off the filter while swimming. Electricity and water do not mix.
  • The pool must be installed on a solid level surface as described in the factory instructions.
  • An earth mound inside your pool wall is important. Follow the factory instructions during installation.
  • Correct chlorine content is important for health and proper filter operation.
  • All building codes are your responsibility. It is important to check with your local municipality to confirm all code requirements are met

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