Swim Spa Benefits for Seniors

Many of the unwanted side effects of aging can be mitigated by consistent use of a swim spa. Swim spas offer the benefits of owning both a pool and a spa, namely hydrotherapy. The spa aspects provide relief to joint and muscle pain and stress relief, and the pool offers access to year-round swimming and water exercise. Why is that important?

Hydrotherapy is an increasingly popular treatment for injuries and ongoing medical conditions for several reasons. Water supports 80% of your body weight, enabling you to perform exercises that would be difficult or even impossible on land. Exercising in warm water also helps reduce pressure on joints and helps with balance.

Falling and getting hurt is a big problem for older adults, and researchers think that physical activity, specifically in the form of swimming, may lower seniors' risk of falls.

An Australian study of 1,700 men over four years found that men who swam were nearly 33% less likely to experience a fall than those who participated in other forms of exercise. This may be because swimming develops strong core stabilizing muscles, which are pivotal for good balance.

Furthermore, swimming offers incredible benefits for seniors, like:

  • Improve heart health. Swimming has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce levels of bad cholesterol, and reduce inflammation that leads to atherosclerosis.
  • It's easy on joints. Because water supports so much of our bodyweight exercises that would be impossible on land can be done in the water.
  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis. A significant problem, especially for women, is osteoporosis. Swimming has been proven to fight osteoporosis by building bone density and femoral bone weight.
  • Increased flexibility. Swimming requires you to reach, stretch, and twist as you push your way through the water.
  • Strengthens muscles. Swimming helps you develop the deep stabilizing muscles in your core and lower back and work other under-utilized muscle groups.
  • Boosts mental health. Swimming releases endorphins and serotonin increases blood flow to the brain-boosting mood and possibly even makes you brighter.
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