Is a Real Christmas tree or an Artificial Christmas tree, better?

It’s Christmas time and with that comes the age-old debate what is better a REAL Christmas tree or an Artificial Christmas tree!

 Many peoples are very divided on their preference of Christmas trees.

  At Home Recreation is partial and believe artificial trees are the best but, we can respect the love of a real Christmas tree. However, we believe that an At Home Recreation Artificial tree is the way to go for the holiday season and here are some great reasons why!

The number one reason we love Artificial Christmas trees is because they are easy to care for.  Once you have setup and decorated your tree you will never have to deal with falling needles and watering the Christmas tree. All you that is needed to do is set it up fluff it out and sit back and admire.

Another wonderful attribute an artificial tree that the current technology that is incorporated into the artificial trees is mind blowing and can make the holidays so much more fun. With the upgrades LED lights now on most faux trees you can have your choice just from the tap of a button to have colored or clear lights. Steady or twinkle lights, the possibilities are now endless. THE ADDED bonus is that now most trees come pre-lite. Gone are the days of stringing lights for hours on the tree. Just set it up and plug it in!

 This year 2018 At Home Recreation just introduced a brand-new tree to our displays with I sparkle technology. You can now control you Christmas tree right from your smartphone.  You can choose the color lights you would like. You can now choose nine different light function patterns. steady, twinkling, strobe and fading, strobe and flashing, fading, flashing, mix setting, combining fading, combining flashing. Once you have chosen your pattern you prefer your light setting at you can also sync the tree to have the lights dance to your favorite holiday song using the voice feature. Your tree will be the focal point of your holiday gatherings.

If you are not sold yet on an artificial tree this year keep in mind that artificial trees have stronger branches and they can hold many, many decorations making your space as decorative as possible. Also, with a faux tree you can find the tree that fits your space perfectly and you will know it will go there year after year and you will never have to deal with the tree being to tall, to short, to wide, to thin. You will get the perfect tree every year.

 We hope we have swayed you to the artificial Christmas tree side of the debate and we hope to see you in anyone of our four locations. We would love to help you find the perfect tree for your family for the holidays. There is nothing more that we love is to help you start new traditions this holiday season.  If you are still on the side of Real trees being the way to go. Come visit us anyway we will help you decorate your tree. Can’t wait to see you all.


Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

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