How to pick your perfect Christmas tree

Step 1: Shape and size

Artificial Christmas trees come in many shapes and sizes. Thin or thick, short or tall there is a Christmas tree out there for every home owner. At Home Recreation has Christmas trees as small as four foot all the way to a twelve foot tree. At Home Recreation even has a half tree designed to attach to your wall to save space. You need to assess the space the tree is going to be located in then come into the store and we will find your perfect fit.

Step 2: Branch type

As you were able to see with the Christmas timeline, Christmas trees have completely evolved over the years. With this evolution you now have multiple branch options. The classic artificial Christmas tree has a fir look to it made out of PVC. The needles sprout out from each stem. A newer option is tree branches made out of polyethylene. Polyethylene offers a much more lifelike look to your Christmas tree. The branches are actually molded to look like a real Christmas tree.

Step 3: Light type

There are many options for Christmas tree lights. There are differences between the bulbs and the colors. The best way to find the perfect light for your tree would be to come in and see the trees set up in our stores. We have Christmas trees in both clear/multi lights. We have trees with incandescent bulbs or LED. We even have trees that can change from multi-color to clear. Below are some differences between incandescent and LED bulbs.

Incandescent Bulbs LED Blubs
Electric going through a wire filament to create light LED bulbs do not get as hot as incandescent bulbs
Incandescent bulbs have a softer look to them. LED’s are brighter. You would need less LED’s on a tree
Typically incandescent bulbs have a lower cost associated with initial purchase LED bulbs cost less to operate.
Bulbs are normally made of glass Bulbs are made of plastic. Do not have to worry about breakage.

Step 4: Technology

We are now in an age with ever changing technology. Christmas trees have also evolved with the times. At Home Recreation has a WiFi enabled artificial Christmas tree with ISparkle technology. Our Harrison fir Christmas tree allows you to change the lights with just the simple touch of your phone.

With this easy to use multi-function wheel you are able to choose what lights you want on your tree and you are able to change the pattern in which the lights are functioning. You are even able to set a timer for your lights and choose the intensity level

From this screen you are able to choose if you want to listen to music with the lights or if you wanted the lights of the tree to go with your own voice through the mic.

The Harrison fir tree allows your lights to create their own party while playing your music. The tree will blink and react to the music playing through your phone.

The mic option on the tree will allow your Christmas tree lights to react to your voice. Whether you are trying to impress your guests or having a karaoke session this tree is ready to party with you!

At Home Recreation offers this tree in two sizes. The Harrison fir is available in a 6 ft. or a 7.5 ft. We suggest you come in to give this whimsical tree a whirl!

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